TSM, acronym of “Total Soldering Machinery”, leaves no doubts. Their high-quality ovens satisfy every need in all electronic fields and beyond. Highly customizable ovens starting from the number of zones, to the width as well as numerous options for cooling and N2production.


E-Flex SMT Microsystems manufactures a wide range of automation for handling PCBs in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) areas and sell reflow oven to all important producer of electronic equipment’s in the world. 6 to 12 zones, up to 7 meters long with an unbeatable price-quality ratio.


HAWKEYE1000 The HAWKEYE1000 only needs one button to count various components automatically in a few seconds. It can also count up to four reels (180 mm) simultaneously. Various chips and components are counted, with the results sent directly to the SMD material management server (ERP system). Also during this process, a new barcode label is… Continue reading HAWKEY1000


The HAWKEYE9000L is an Automatic inspection equipment for large-sized products such as LED, BLU, etc. Realization of high-speed inspection of 1.5 to 2 seconds per point (depending on type of inspection) Use Gerber files for easy programming, making it one of the best-selling in the lighting industry.


The HAWKEYE9020 AXI system is a 2.5D In-Line X-ray Inspection Equipment. It is a revolutionary automated X-ray inspection system that has built-in image analysis software and automatically determines the goodness and badness of the inspection sample using the image acquired by the inspection equipment itself. Automated inspection equipment with overlap resolution techniques such as Laminography Slice CT, i-TOP, and PTH Realization of high-speed inspection of 0.4 to 0.8 seconds per point (depending on type of inspection).


ARIRANG 160CT The ARIRANG 160CT is equipped with a large area detector that can shoot even 350 large parts at once. As the ARIRANG 130CT model integrates itop options, laminography, 3D graphic rendering software, voids auto inspection and more. Scanning for defects is possible by taking only 90 seconds, so more than 300 CT scans… Continue reading ARIRANG 160CT


The 2D + 3D systems solution incorporates the features and benefits of 2D, 2.5D and 3D inspection. All in one! The systems included iTOP feature. The iTOP (Inspection Technology of Overlapped Pattern) inspection is a method that is based on AI Platform technology that can inspect points with a single image, which was only possible after a long period of analysis in the previous 3D CT.


The TVX-IM9000F is a high performance compact micro focus system, providing excellent image quality. It is the highest possible cost effectiveness offline solution with excellent quality. An ideal production or research & development tool, offering precision measurement and analysis. A highly cost-effective solution for all x-ray inspection tasks, from batteries to PCBA’s.


The THT Line – 3D is an AOI system for the inspection of THT components, THT solder joints and wave soldered SMD components in a single system.


The PEMTRON TROI 8800 CI system is a Conformal Coating Inspection System with Inline Coating Thickness Measure (Option) right solution for those who need to inspect the resin boards from the conformal coating process.