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The SM471 PLUS is probably the best chip shooter in its class. Thanks to the double 10-head gantry (for a total of 20 heads) it is able to position components at very high speed. It lends itself – in combination with a flexible mounter, to a significant reduction in tack time.


The SM481 is a flexible and reliable 10-head chip shooter. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of adding a fixed stage camera, it can be converted into a flexible mounter. Like all SM models it guarantees a maximum load of 120 feeders.


Il mod. The SM482 PLUS is the latest generation of the full vision Pick & Place machines released by Hanwha. 30,000cph with a 6-head gantry has always been recognized for incredibly low operating costs. The ease of use also allows, in a short time, to learn every function of the machine and to be able to use it to the maximum.