Image Capture

up to 12 megapixels, 24 bit


up to 10.5 μm

PCB Size

up to 400 mm x 390 mm

OptiCon AOI System Series

The utilization of innovative technology combined with traditional optical know-how and leading edge software architecture forms the core of the OptiCon systems‘ development philosophy. All core components primarily responsible for the systems‘ performance have been developed in-house by GOEPEL electronic.

In addition to short-termed customized adjustments, this development concept guarantees the immediate reaction to new test tasks and the integration of latest technologies.

Image Quality

Ideal Selection and Adaption of Lens Components

A camera’s pixel number or the information “µm/pixel” are not the only critical quality criteria for the inspection of smallest components and required detail resolution. An ideal lens adjustment reduces diffraction effects and eliminates the “smearing” of image details.

Basis for ideal Fault Detection

Together with a characteristic optimiZed image transformation, the OptiCon systems' pixel adapted camera module provides the highest optical resolution, providing the basis for the detection of solder joints and components down to size 01005.

Flexible Multispectral Illumination

Contrast Enhancement by Illumination Variety

The illumination module of an AOI system is highly responsible for a safe separation of faulty solder joints and components from process variations.

Freely selectable from Infrared to Ultraviolet

The OptiCon systems feature illumination modules with controllable wave length, intensity and direction. They also guarantee safe detection of low-contrast components, polarity marks, material differences and contaminations.

360° Angled-View Inspection

Optical Know-How for a powerful Module

In addition to the optical resolution, the decisive criterion for angled-view inspection is the usable inspection panel's size. The limited depth of field of the used lens and the viewing angle are responsible for an inspection area reduction on a PCB.

The quick View into each Corner

By means of image detection in 1° steps, the 360° rotation of the angled-view Chameleon module provides the selection of suitable viewing angles, enabling the ideal inspection perspective in nearly all placement situations and pad geometries. The camera module offers excellent image quality within a large field of view, guaranteeing a time-optimized application.

AOI Systems for High-Mix and High-Volume

The quick View into each Corner

The wide range of the OptiCon system series and the flexible configuration variants make the system practical for small batches with high product variety as well as large scale production with highest yield. The fast inspection program generation and its convenient adaptability to manufacturing process variations also guarantees efficient utilization for small batches.

High-Tech at a Glance

Camera and Lens

• Pixel adapted camera module for all system variants
• Telecentric lens for parallax-free image capturing
• Multi-directional image capturing by means of 360° angled-view module rotation
• Adapted focal plane at consistent image quality for angled-view inspection

Measure and Test

• Measuring functions with flexible parameter evaluation
• 3D measurement by structured illumination
• Laser height measurement based on triangulation method

Inspection Software

• Automatic detection algorithms without prior learning processes
• Adaptive detection software for changing objects based on neuronal structures
• Statistic measurement value analysis for test program optimisation
• User-specific GUI adjustment


• Multi-spectral illumination, selectable from IR to UV
• Selectable intensity and illumination direction

OptiCon SmartLine

The compact design enables space-saving utilization at various places within the production process.
The optical inspection quality is ensured by the unique multispectral illumination and integrated reference data base.

Safe Fault Detection

• unique multispectral illumination
• program optimisation via statistically recorded inspection data
• assured inspection quality via reference data base

Company-specific Production Integration

• individual integration opportunities into the production process
(repair station, fault output, usage of serial numbers)
• extensive data interfaces to quality management and traceability
systems (ZVEI standard, iTAC, customised)
• compactness and mobility enable flexible utilisation opportunities

Inspection Parameters

ModelOpticon Smart Line
Orthogonal top inspection, angled-view top inspection
Image capturing technologyup to 12 megapixels, 24 bit colour depth
Resolution up to 10.5 μm
Illuminationmultispectral, multi-directional
Handling timeminimised by quick-clamping
Inspection speedup to 25 cm²/s
PCB sizeup to 400 mm x 390 mm
Max. PCB weight 5 kg5 kg
PCB clearance top sideup to 65 mm
PCB clearance bottom sideup to 100 mm
Smallest inspectable component01005 / Pitch 0.3

System Specifications

ModelOpticon Smart Line
Power requirements
230 V AC / 1 kVA
Dimensions (w x d x h)1,000 mm x 790 mm x 597 mm
Weightca. 200 kg

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