Misure effettuate

Volume, Altezza, Scostamento XY, Area

Dimensioni PCB(mm)

50x50 - 330x250 (Standard)
50x50 - 500x460 (Large)
20x50 - 750x460 (LED)

Spessore PCB

0.4 ~ 7.0 (mm)

Troi™ Series Technology & Features

Dual Lane

Dual lane technology provides high production speeds with separate front and rear conveyors tor independent PCB handling. While both lanes can be utilized to inspect the same PCB model. The user can also have each lane inspect different PCB models independently. (Optional)

High Speed & Performance

The TROI ™, 7700 series high speed camera and linear motor system is able to inspect a PCB accurately and consistently at the lowest production tack times.

Color 3D SPI

Conventional SPI machines could only calculate heights above silk print levels.
But, Pemtron’s TRO™, series has overcome these problem by using a patented enhanced 3D color algorithm. In addition, Users will save their time and energy by avoiding having to check a PCB manually under a micro-scope from checking a fully rotatable 3D view of the solder paste with the problem areas highlighted.

Dual Projection

Dual projection technology eliminates common shadow problems found in SPI systems by illuminating the solder paste deposition from two angels. This contributes to providing a higher level of accuracy.

User Friendly Graphic lnterface

Pemtron’s GUI is easy to use and learn. Functions are carefully organized and separated; eliminating the effort of switching between multiple screens. Editing and programming data is also simple and quick. With only a Gerber file programming can be completed within approximately five minuets or less.

Gantry Type

Gantry is a type of structure which allows the movement of the camera head to shift into X/V direction without moving the conveyor.
It provides a highly stable and precise inspection platform.

High Accuracy Linear Motor

With the use of an electric Linear Motor tor the X and Y stages, TROI™, provides speed with a high accuracy of under ± 5um.

 64bit Windows 7 Operation System

TROI™, is suited with a high end Windows 7 64bit PC platform tor fast & stable operations of all task.

Enhanced SPC Process management & Database System

The SPC system captures, stores then analyses the defective data tor the review of process problems and production data.
SPC data can be exported in various file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF and CSV raw text data ta


Algoritmo di visione 2D/3DAlgoritmo di ispezione 2D
Algoritmo 3D PMP (Phase Measuring Profilometry)
Velocità di ispezione34cm² / sec73 cm² / sec102 cm² / sec108 cm² / sec
FOV (Field of View)30 x 30mm45 x 45mm54 x 54 mm45 x 60 mm
Intervallo di altezza / RisoluzioneO ~ 450 μm / 0.4 μm
Precisione di altezza2μm
Massimo imbarcamento PCB
Tipo gantryMotori lineari
Specifiche PCBMisure di ispezioneModello standardMin. 50x50 mm
Max. 330x250 mm
Modello LargeMin. 50x50 mm
Max. 500x460 mm
Spessore PCB0.4 - 7.0 mm
Bottom Clearance 27mm
Alimentazione200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
ConsumiModello standard3kW (14.0A Max @ 220V AC)
Modello Large3.5KW (16.0A Max @ 220V AC)
Dimensioni macchinaWxDxH /pesoModello standard 700x 1200x1540mm
700 kg
Large Type 840 x 1410 x 1540 mm
800 kg

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