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Our reliability and reliability allow us to represent companies of international importance such as HANWHA Precision Machinery, ESE, PEMTRON, TSM, GOEPEL, TECH VALLEY, JTU, NEOTEL TECHNOLOGY, and E-FLEX.

Our sales network provides a solid coverage of the national territory. Our agents have an undisputed experience in the sector, they are constantly updated on market trends and technological innovations. Thanks to this we believe we can respond to the needs of our customers with the best solutions that technology can offer.

A team of highly specialized technicians is able to constantly guarantee our customers direct, immediate and efficient support for all types of technical and process needs. A technical service in synergy with the research and development centers of the manufacturers, ensures us a continuous update on the evolution of the sector and a constant search for the best solution to the questions that every day the market presents us.

The seriousness and sincere human relationship with our customers are the basis of our past and the guarantee for our and your future.