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JTU, founded in 2003, has achieved an unrivalled reputation in the production of automated systems for selective coating deposition and adhesive dispensing. JTU is very attentive to customer needs, it provides configurable, innovative and economical solutions, without compromising the quality of the product.
She was among the first to introduce the One-Man-Operation (OMO) coating line concept – here for the video in more detail. A system configured to reduce labor costs, increasing productivity and quality.

Infrared (IR), Ultraviolet (UV) curing furnaces and the latest generation of innovative Ultraviolet LEDs (UV-LEDs) available.

C Serie

All JTU conformal coating systems series C are divided into 3 models: C3, C5 and C7. They are different only for the configuration in terms of number of valves and axis.
They have the same technical characteristics detailed below and a series of options that allows the best configuration according to the real production needs.


Type of drivesClosed loop servo motor
X, Y Travelling Speed1 - 800mm/s
X, Y Repetability± 25 microns
Effective coating area: LxW460x460mm
Z-axis Movement100mm
Com. portSMEMA 4 pins

Conveyor system

Conveyor TypeStainless Steel
Board clearanceSopra: 100mm;
Sotto: 100mm
Edge clearance5mm
Conveyor Height900 ± 20mm
Conveyor SpeedMax 750mm/s (stepper motor control)
Conveyor DirectionLeft to Right (Option: Right to left)
Conveyor width adjustment Da 50 a 460 mm (Auto software control)


Power Supply230 V AC, 50Hz
Total Power2,5kW
Exhaust flow rate150 mm diameter ducting, min. 5 m3/min
Compressed air requirementMin. 6 bar, 400L/mm


The JTU C3 selective system is the right solution for those who do not need special valve rotations or selectivity.
The standard configuration is Two-valve independent working(CS-05 &PD-01) and 3 axis
Optional configurations could be Two-valve simultaneous working of 2 PCBs with manual/automatic pitch adjustment (For productivity) or Two-valve independent working with 4-way tilt of 35° on the left valve (For flexibility)


The JTU C5 is the most flexible model.

JTU C5 comes with 3 valves and ± 180° rotation head. This is suitable for high-mixed production and complicated boards. The standard configuration is three-valve independent working (CS-05, PD-01, FS-30) with 4 axis.

It also have 2 front valves tilt 35° inwards.


The JTU C7 selective system is the solution that incorporates the characteristics of productivity and flexibility. It has a 4-valve structure (2 by 2) which provides productivity and flexibility at the same time.

The standard configuration is four-valve (2 x CS-05, 2 x PD-01) and 3 axis All valves tilt 35°to the left. The Adjustable nozzle pitch between 2 valves is from 60 to 230 mm manually.


CS-05 Cone Shape Atomization Spray Valve

  • The CS-05 conical spray valve is a high efficiency valve.
  • It can apply a thin layer of coating selectively, accurately and accurately.
  • Coating width range: 5 ~ 10 mm
  • Suitable for low to medium viscosity fluid (1 ~ 5,000 cP)
  • Standard valve for C3, C5 and C7

PD-01 Precision Dispensing Valve

  • High precision valve
  • It can dispense points, lines, polygonal areas, fillings, dam & fill applications, using different needles.
  • Coating width range: 1 ~ 4 mm
  • Suitable for low to medium viscosity fluid (1 ~ 10,000 cP)
  • Standard valve for C3, C5 and C7

FS-30 Fan Shape Large Area Spray Valve

  • Large area spray with high productivity
  • It can apply a thin layer of coating selectively, accurately and accurately.
  • Coating width range: 15 ~ 30mm
  • Suitable for low to medium viscosity fluid (1 ~ 5,000 cP)
  • Standard valve for C5; Optional valve for C3 and C7

V-54HP High pressure dispensing valve

  • Design to withstand high pressure
  • Suitable for medium to high viscosity material such as RTV silicone, solder masking material (10,000 ~ 1,000,000 cP).
  • With strong suck back function for clean cut off.
  • It is an optional valve for the C3 system.

SC-W10 Film Coating Valve

  • The FC-10 dispensing valve deposits off-spray material with sharp, clean contours.
  • Commonly called Deposit Film Coat or Flow coat.
  • It is suitable for dispensing materials with very low viscosity, less than 100 cp.
  • Usually the width of the store can vary from 10 to 13mm.
  • 90 rotation capacity on its axis for bi-directional coating
  • Standard valve for all C6 models and optional on the others.