Pemtron is a Korean manufacturer of optical inspection systems since 2002 and has given a concrete answer to companies that need a 3D control system that is precise, fast and effective. Unlike a normal 2D inspection or “3D color” system, Pemtron systems use the Moirè pattern, which is capable of reconstructing a real 3D and making accurate, micrometric measurements of volume and shapes. The powerful software entirely designed by them, with free upgrades over time, provides an essential tool not only for recording errors but also for optimizing the production process.


Pemtron’s 3D Inline Solder Paste Inspection SATURN System using Moiré pattern (4 projector) combines 2D color images with 3D measurement data to provide more accurate and realistic 3D inspection image unlike the conventional method that displayed solder paste through a color map only.

The SPI SATURN is Unique in the market to use Linear Motor Gantry Type Drive for an High-speed precision control improves repeatability and Reduction of noise. Color 3D algorithm allows accurate detection of thinly spread bridges on the bottom of the PCB and inspection to the height of a folder up to 40 micron or less. The system can detect also solder splash on the golden finger.

SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)



The PEMTRON AOI EAGLE 3D 8800TL desktop system (off-line machine) is the only one on the market that used a head unit with 12 Moiré pattern, combining 2D color images with 3D measurement data.
8 side projectors and another 4 upper ones allow the inspection of components up to 27mm high.
A Pemtron patent on board color identification strengthens the traditional method of zero point verification and board embarkation.
The Pemtron proprietary software has the latest programming methods such as the use of AI (Artificial Intelligent) algorithms for automatic component identification.
For many years, the best-selling in the electronic market has been the correct choice for those who want quality with an investment within everyone’s reach.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)



AOI EAGLE 8800 Twin




The THT Line – 3D is an AOI system for the inspection of THT components, THT solder joints and wave soldered SMD components in a single system.
With up to 8 angled view cameras, concealed components and lateral markings can also be inspected.
The inline system inspects THT and SMD components from the top.
A new 3D camera module below the conveyor belt simultaneously and independently performs a 3D inspection of the THT solder joints and pins.
This allows solder volume, solder flow and pin height to be precisely measured and defects reliably detected. The automatic or manual feeding of assemblies can be performed out with or without workpiece carriers.
Thanks to a height-adjustable camera module, the THT Line · 3D allows a component clearance of up to 140 mm.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)


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