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The ESE screen printer mod. ES-E2+ is handle frames from 550mm up to 736mm with a print area up to 550 x 510mm. This model has an enhanced table to offer greater alignment accuracy (± 10um at 6 sigma), resulting in a higher print quality.
Like all ES series models, they are including a series of options such as: 3 step conveyor, 2D inspection, 2D Barcode on PCB, Advanced Design Wet-Dry-Vacuum Cleaning, Retractable Top clamp (Z and Y clamp) and Production History data monitor.
Among the few on the market in being able to have the programming software offline for a full membership of investments that can benefit from some tax benefits.
All components are controlled by high precision servo motors to ensure reliability and durability.

Serigrafiche ESE US 2000x
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Size Frame

550x650, 650x550, 736x736

Icona Dimensione PCB

PCB Size (mm)

50x50 - 550x400

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PCB Thickness (mm)

0.1 ~ 5


PCB Size (X-Y)50x50 ~ 550x510mm
PCB Thickness0.3mm ~ 6mm
Stencil Size550, 584, 650 e 736mm
Printing Speed5~250mm/sec
Printing Force3~25kgf
Cycle Time9sec
Alignment Accuracy±10um a 6 sigma
Printing Repeatability±20um @ 6 sigma
Cpk ≥ 2.0
Power SupplySingle phase: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz, 10amp
Ari Supply4-6bar
Dimension LxWxH (mm)1796x1570x1413mm

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